Big Celebratory Weekend


We have a full house this weekend. Stacey and Adrian are here and Julian will be flying in from Johannesburg this afternoon.  We’ve just come in from breakfast with S&A and now I’m getting the blog posted.  and then,  Mike and I are off to a golf competition. Yesterday, on our way home from Aquila, we stopped at the golf course he is playing at. He played 9 holes to get a feel for the greens and to see the lay of the land. It was cool and overcast and there had been a bit of rain.

Kuilsriver golf clubOne of the things I love about caddying for Mike is that it all unfolds in beautiful surroundings…

Kuilsriver GC

There are a lot of water hazards on this golf course, including a wide river…

Mike on the bridge….and I am very sure, if you had to go for a dive, you’d find hundreds of golf balls on the river bed. The river runs across the 8th fairway. Best to lay up, so we learned! ;)

My gratitude picture of the day comes to you in the form of a 45 second video. When Mike has a birdie opportunity, I try and remember to video it. Most times it doesn’t go in. I nearly didn’t record this one….but look how close he got….

Fantastic! It was such a monster putt!

From good to not so good. Maybe you are not feeling so happy today…

I’ve started reading Lamentations in the Old Testament. The author wallowed in the dreadful times he had suffered. But from chapter 3 vs 20, he made a choice to change his thinking:

“I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me. 21 Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: 22 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. 24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.”

When you are tempted to have a major pity party, remember this: YOU have to change your thinking & call to mind all the good things God has done. Thinking about the Lord will not only change your life, it will change your day!

Keep the smile going.


God bless you.

In His Grip

Helga xx :-)

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Aquila is Wild


I have to admit that I have been influenced by the negative comments that came up on Trip Advisor about Aquila Private Game Reserve. Someone called it a ‘glorified zoo’. This erroneous comment leads you to believe that it’s not really all that wild at Aquila. Yesterday, I learnt otherwise! We had a scheduled horseback safari into the Aquila reserve. They have about 8 horses at Aquila and a very cute pony…

PonyIt was absolutely fabulous to get back on a horse. It’s like riding a bicycle. I felt so at home, thanks to my wonderful friend Debbie’s fantastic horse riding lessons 35 years ago!

Back on a horseMike has hardly ridden a horse before, so for him it was all very new and unfamiliar. We had 2 rangers riding with us and 2 other guests, so we were a party of 6. It was cool and breezy as we entered the reserve through the main gate. The second ranger had just closed it, when the first quickly turned his horse around and hustled us all back towards the gate. Two buffalo had been walking towards a water hole about 200m from the gate. As we appeared, they stopped, turned to look at us and menacingly stared. Buffalo will charge if they feel threatened. As the ranger said, it’s best to get out of their way and give them a wide berth, which we did. They soon continued on their way and we went in the opposite direction. We were glad to see the back of them…

BuffaloIt was an amazing ride. To be in such close proximity to zebra…

Zebra….and wildebeest…

Wildebeest…with nothing between us, was just awesome. We didn’t get too close to any of the animals, but could see them and they could see us. They would move away, checking us out as they went. We went to one of the main watering holes of the rhino. As we climbed up a bank to look over it, 5 rhino were cooling themselves in the mud and water. They saw us as we saw them. We immediately turned away and retreated. There was the entire watering hole between us, so we didn’t feel threatened, until we noticed that they had all got to their feet and were walking parallel to our path, albeit 300m away. The water soon ran out and now there was just scrub vegetation. The wind was blowing our scent towards them. Rhino have very poor eyesight, but an acute sense of smell. I was very nervous. You don’t want to get chased by a rhino. I was very happy when the ranger decided we had to turn back because it seemed these massive protected multi-tonne beasts were headed in the same direction we were. As we turned around, we saw them standing looking our way!  My heart was pounding – vulnerability and an adrenaline rush met face to face. I asked the ranger if he had ever been chased by a rhino or buffalo. “No”, he said. “How long have you worked here?” I asked.  “Two months!” he replied! Eek!

The animals at Aquila are wild. Don’t believe a thing you read about it being a “glorified zoo.”  They may be used to tourists driving around in the safari vehicles; they may be used to the appearance of horses, but I am sure, if they feel threatened, they will charge.  I came away from Aquila at the end of 2 memorable nights thinking it absolutely had lived up to its 4 stars.

4 starsI’ll be getting onto Trip Advisor soon to add my good opinion to the others. As far as costs go, we got a special on Groupon (it had to be used before end October). It was R5000 for the two of us for two nights and that included 2 driven safaris and 1 horseback safari. It also included three meals a day. It did not include drinks. Regular coffee was R14 per cup, so that’s not excessive. You got coffee with breakfast and there’s tea and coffee available in the room. We had the standard room which was small, but adequate with free wi-fi, fridge, air con, heating and the best was the AMAZZZING outdoor shower. I want one! For us Capetonians, the short drive up the N1 sure beats catching a flight to Johannesburg, organising a car and driving to the Kruger. Aquila is more than adequate for a Big 5 experience.

Genesis 1:25

God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

He made them for our enjoyment. It is good!

Keep the smile going!

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude Pic…home with my pretty kitty…at least she lets me near her…

Pretty kitty

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Aquila Day 2


Aquila (Noun – meaning Black Eagle) pronounced A-kee-la (here anyway).

Aquila sign

It’s roughly 7500 hectares of Karoo semi-scrub vegetation, where most animals introduced here can happily survive. They keep the predators in camps apart from the vulnerable, so there is no bloodshed. For us Capetonians, it’s the easiest way to see animals in the wild without getting on an aeroplane. Yesterday afternoon, we went for a scheduled 2-3 hour safari to see the game and came back almost 4 hours later. Time fled by, despite us crawling over rugged road terrain in a massive game viewing truck. Padded seats made it comfortable – open sides made viewing great. We arrived back at the lodge close to 7pm fully satisfied. We were out again early this morning, visiting the Aquila Rehabilitation Centre for vulnerable predators. They call them “doomed”. Left alone in the wild, they would not survive…not that this fellow looks needy…

Lion serious hairThere were plenty more lion….a fabulous pride in the main reserve that entertained us while we sat quietly in the truck just metres away…this was this morning…

Lion prideLast night they were at the waterhole and provided some great shots…


We want attention and we want it now!Lions wanting attention

Ahh, it’s a cat’s life.Lions at playThere were many more animals to see. I loved the giraffe. My caption for this one: “Hey, what you staring at? Are you calling me fat?”

Giraffe- are you calling me fatThere were more the other side of the road…

GiraffeAnd here they are eating proteas for dinner!

Giraffe eating proteasLast night the rhino were well disguised…

Rhino blending nicely

While this morning we found one on the move…Rhino on the moveThere were lots of zebra….this is my favourite one of the zebra…

Zebra…and lots of wildebeest as well…

WildebeestA massive great big Daddy eland…

ElandHow could I forget the elephants…

Elephant Elephant 2

And the hippo. We were so happy to have seen these. They were so obliging and moved towards the bank of the dam…Hippo


There is a Bible verse that talks about a leopard changing its spots…

Jeremiah 13:23

Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil.

Of this verse, Matthew Henry wrote: “We cannot alter the natural colour of the skin; and so is it morally impossible to reclaim and reform these people. Sin is the blackness of the soul; it is the discolouring of it; we were shapen in it, so that we cannot get clear of it by any power of our own. But Almighty grace is able to change the Ethiopian’s skin. Neither natural depravity, nor strong habits of sin, form an obstacle to the working of God, the new-creating Spirit. “

Great message!

Because of this verse, I looked a little closer at the leopard and his spots. He is wild but cannot survive in the wild.

Leopard protectedWe also saw a pair of cheetahs, also in a 1 hectare enclosure – they are hoping to breed them…

CheetahYou can tell the difference between the cheetah and the leopard. Cheetahs are slimmer and have ‘tears’ colour marking coming from their eyes.

We’ve had a really good time. This afternoon we will go on a horse ride and then we’re free until we leave tomorrow morning.  The weather is perfect…not too hot, with a bit of wind. I’m not sure when I’ll get tomorrow’s blog done. We are planning a round of golf on our way home, so it may be a late blog.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude Pic? Just scroll up and pick one!

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Aquila Day 1


Roll of drums….internet access in our room…free wi-fi! Boom! Quick blog to post and we are out of here to do our first safari. We left this morning and drove through cloud on Ou Kaapse Weg…

Mist on Ou Kaapse wegWe got onto the N1 and went through the tunnel. Then Mike & I swapped and I drove for a while. The mountains of Worcester are beautiful…

Hex river mountains first stop and goBeyond Worcester is the Hex River Valley. We have not driven this route for many years and there are a couple of stop/go roadworks in place and many trucks….I wonder how long we will wait at this one…

Wonder how long this one will beIt turns out, it wasn’t long….but a beautiful picture was taken…(gratitude pic)…

Hex river stop and goNot much later we arrived at our destination…

Arrival at AquilaWe were in time for a slap up buffet lunch in the spacious dining room…

Inside the dining roomThen we were taken to our chalet….

Aquila bedroom….which is very comfortable and has an outdoor shower! :D

Outdoor showerIt also has a lovely cool veranda (where I’m sitting) and a very peaceful view of lots of trees and a river running by. Lots and lots of birdsong. It’s all I can hear.

River view from our room

We are going on a 2 hour tour to find some animals. It is awesomely hot. It reminds me of Zimbabwean highveld in summer.

Peaceful. So peaceful. Peace is a gift.

John 14:27 – words of Jesus…

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

I hope to have more tomorrow. You never know though, with these remote places, the internet may be a bit iffy. If this blog doesn’t appear, it probably means the internet is down.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

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The Week Before I Turn 50.


Life has a way of meandering by. I do the best that I can. I love God. I love my family. Most days life is normal, but not spectacular. The things most important to me go off in a regular fashion. My relationship with my husband is happily consistent. We love each other. We work. We talk. We play. We argue. We debate. We compromise.  Through most of our days, there are no fireworks, nor catastrophes. We are grateful. Life is normal. And it’s the same with our children. We stay in touch. We try not to butt into their lives or interfere where we are not welcome. They are adults now, so we  try to just let them do life and be themselves. If they ask for advice, we are happy to give it. Maybe we don’t always get it right, but we try!

But sometimes things happen that warm my heart and my cup feels full. It is when we all draw closer and over the last few weeks, it has happened without me, but because of me. With my 50th birthday only a short time away…

8 days until my birthday…there has been much surreptitious communication behind my back regarding gifts and plans. The other day, Mike & Stacey spent 40 minutes on the phone – that was a good Dad/daughter chinwag (especially for two introverts)!  Also with me being involved at CTV for 4 nights last week, David has been home having dinner with Mike and there has been lots of conversation. For me, this is the best! While I’m curious regarding what they’ve been talking about, I’m more excited about the fact that there has been all this discussion and I wasn’t part of it. Mike also called my brother (Julian) for advice!  I just love it!

My birthday has all happened rather early. Way back in July was Julian’s gift to me – the Zanzibar holiday. :D  Then tomorrow, Mike & I go to Aquila for two nights, that’s a wonderful part of his gift to me. I’m not sure how good the internet is there, so it may just come to pass that I don’t have a blog or they become come out at odd times. I’ll see what happens. I’ll take my netbook, but I won’t stress about HAVING to get a blog out by 4pm!  I’m looking forward to Aquila. Trip Advisor has come up with some people giving it * and some *****. I wonder how Mike & I will find it!

Then Mike has a golf competition on Friday. Simultaneously, Julian arrives from Johannesburg for the weekend and Adrian and Stacey arrive from Swellendam. This is the ‘birthday celebration’ weekend. We hope to have a photo shoot on Saturday and dinner out on Saturday evening. Everyone returns home on Sunday and  the main birthday celebrations will be over. Mike is taking the day off on my birthday and we plan a day out and a quiet dinner probably with David! No big party – I had those on my 30th and 40th.

And I will be …

50…and with my 50th, I feel fabulous and grateful!

Psalm 50:1-3 says this,

“The Mighty One, God, the Lord speaks and summons the earth  from the rising of the sun to where it sets.  From Zion, perfect in beauty,  God shines forth.  Our God comes  and will not be silent;”

I’m getting this out early because I’m meeting Mike in Cape Town! I think I will go and have my HBA1C checked. It’s about time. When I had it done in March, it was 5.6%. In July it was 5.4%, so that was an improvement. It will be interesting to see if it’s stayed the same or (hopefully) gone down. Drive for 5, they say!

Keep the smile going!

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude Pic…At Imhoff this morning, we admired the junior alpacas and this one admired us…don’t you want to just take him home??

Young apalca


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Stock Car Racing, Balancing Rocks and the Agricultural Show


There are several Rhodesian Facebook groups, that reflect upon days gone by, when this Southern African country was still Rhodesia and carried with it a culture that was unique to the white  population of the day. We were not of British culture. We were not an Afrikaner culture. We were white English Africans. The black Africans had a complete different view of what the country was like. We were not right. They were not wrong. But for us, who were children at the time, and had no knowledge or control of the politics during those years, we can’t obliterate from our memories what our childhood was like. It wasn’t a political or race thing. It was just how we were. Formative years are intense and the memories formed during them are deeply ingrained – you cannot ignore them. They will always be there, whether we like it or not. Some happy childhood memories came to mind this morning.

Born in RhodesiaIf you were born in the 60s, you’ll identify with milk being delivered in glass bottles, ‘bread boys’  selling fresh bread (as well as donuts) and the pungent smell of jacaranda flowers carpeting the streets.



I subscribe to one or two of the Rhodesian sites on Facebook and from time to time see words I have not seen for decades. I am reminded of scenes that I can almost smell — amazing memories come flooding back….like going to the annual Salisbury Agricultural show. Generally, we were given special pocket money for this….I don’t think it was as much as…

Picture from:

Picture from:

…more likely to have been $2, but whatever it was, it was enough to get us in to the show and buy a few little things. We would wander round the show grounds, collecting as many free stickers, as we could. We would also visit this place…

Animal pens at Salisbury agricultural show

Picture from Facebook

…which were the animal stalls. Smelling of fresh hay and farm smells, they contained  pigs and goats and hens and horses and of course cows…which were proudly displayed and judged…

Afrikaner cow and calf

Picture from Facebook

The show would not be complete without sampling much loved, chocolate flavoured Bengal juice in a plastic packet. I just LOVED the stuff. I searched and searched for a picture of the packet, without success. Bengal juice! I’ll never forget that.

And then it would be off to Lunar Park for a go on the dodgems, which I could handle. The danglers were there, but I was far too scared to go onto those. I did venture onto the Big Wheel, but not too much else. There was lots to do and see and the entire show was greatly anticipated and for a young girl, hugely enjoyed.

There were other things that came to mind as I perused the internet. Quite often, when I was not yet 10, my parents used to take the 4 of us to the Balancing Rocks, near Epworth. I loved going….it was so adventurous…it looked rural and bushy and we could climb and clamber up the rocks to our hearts content…

Balancing rocks Epworth Salisbury

Photo from Swazi Rose

The last memory that came to mind this morning was of STOCK CARS!! The closest I found to my experience was this You Tube video posted by Mega Video Zimbabwe of the 1988 Donnybook Park Shell Handicap Race…I remember the noise and the smell of exhaust fumes….late nights….lots of people. Donnybrook was familiar but so was Speedway and Glamis Stadium….

Aaah, good memories!!

It’s not a bad thing to look back and reminisce a bit. It’s hard not to, but it’s not ideal to stay there! We can’t get the past back. We have to make good memories today! Regardless of what is behind, there is always hope for the future.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude Pic….gone is the dry bushveld and baobab tree…it’s been 30 years of Cape Town mountains and sea…

View from our roof

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Melt in Your Mouth Chicken


Aah, Saturday….the day I bring you a recipe. It’s almost like a blog day off, it’s so easy! This recipe I learned about just over a year ago. Not only is it low carb, but it is also not too expensive. It originated from Susie Janzen’s Facebook profile and Jo copied it and tried it. It’s just so easy, healthy, tastes great and is better than fried chicken. Perfect for summer nights and Sunday lunch…


1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
1 cup Greek yogurt -plain
1 tsp garlic powder
1 1/2 tsp seasoning salt
1/2 tsp pepper


Measure the yoghurt into a bowl, add the cheese, garlic powder and seasoning. Then simply spread mixture over chicken breasts. Bake in a hot oven at about 180C for 45 mins until crisp and brown.

Chicken yum


Psalm 32:8

“I (the Lord) will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.”

Great encouragement!

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude Pic…It’s been a really busy week, but after 6pm this evening, I can kick back and start to relax…

Telethon finale

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Behind The Scenes on CTV


I am an absolute newbie to being in front of a TV camera, but I’ve sat in front of a TV screen enough to wonder what is going on behind the scenes when there is a technical failure. From CNN to CTV they happen. Last night, we had a couple of technical glitches. One of the most critical people behind the scenes on any live TV production is the Director. Ray, who directed for us from Tuesday through to last night, is nothing less than brilliant.

Director RayMost of everyone on the set have earphones through which he barks instructions. He is so accomplished and if all the equipment works okay, it all goes very smoothly, but when a system fails, it’s all a bit tense! Ray handled it all, calmly but firmly and it was all sorted within a few minutes.  Here’s what the set looks like from my desk…

On setBehind my desk is another Telethon panel on the wall. So when a computer froze, all they did was cut the mics and focussed the camera on that picture. Clever trick. It was camera 3, so you had to be very careful not to walk in front of it. What viewers would have seen was my blue water bottle being handed to someone so it could be filled up. Oops! When guests arrive, the technical crew rush to mic them up…

Sorting out technical issuesWe had a lot of fun. Wayne shaved off half his moustache for money….

Wayne with half a moustache…and then was so grateful when more came in enabling him to shave off the other half before he went home! A lot of fun was had by all. Here I am with a studio guest, Ray and Nyameka, a competent CTV presenter…

Guest Me Ray Nyameka at CTVWe are raising money again tonight for CTV. While the money is trickling in, the vibe and enthusiasm is a deluge. Go to to find out how to watch (if you have DSTV it’s channel 263). We’re on live between 6 & 9pm. You can call 021-4480448 to pledge. Cape Town TV is a non profit making community television station – it is owned by the people, represented by the people for the people and has a large eclectic audience that reflects the colourful cultures of Cape Town. While not a faith-based organisation,they do allow for faith shows that bring great inspirational content of how Jesus has changed peoples lives. We need to make use of those and support the station because of those. Tomorrow is the last day of the Telethon and it’s an open afternoon from 2pm to 6pm. You are welcome to drop by and see how it works. CTV is located at Observatory Industrial Park, Lower Milton Rd. Obs. Bring the whole family and come on over.

I got thinking today of the brevity of life. We’ve had news of the death of a very young person. And a dear friend is close to the end of her life. Life is fragile. At the mall, a couple walked past me…I grabbed my cell phone to capture this poignant picture…

Old loveOld love. That’s Mike and I in 25 years! Find someone with whom you can grow old. Appreciate the life you have. Enjoy every moment. Feel the warmth of the sunshine and the fresh wind in your face. Smile more. Love yourself. Believe the Bible. Fill your mind with all that is good. Embrace happiness.

Psalm 94:18-19

“When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude Pic…gotta love cats….reading my Bible this morning and here she comes to sit down on the Word…

Truffles on my Bible

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Influencing The Next Generation in The Best Way Possible


Mondays and  Thursday are ‘gym’ days. This vital part of my life unfolds at Imhoff Farm on the way to Kommetjie. The farm is a busy working farm, with goats and other farm animals, but they also have CAMELS. Today with it being such beautiful overcast weather, Sue and I took a run, but ground to a halt when we encountered one of the 5 at the fence….

Photo of a camelWe had to stop and visit. Sue tried to give her some grass, but she wasn’t very interested…

Sue feeding the camelSue pointed out this lady’s knees…

Well worn kneesVery well worn knees! She’s been on them a lot!  I found a website that spoke about people who have influenced the direction of their children and grandchildren through prayer more than anything else. One of these people was a man by the name of  George McLusky. It is said that he prayed for  from 11am to 12 noon every day for the future generations to be faithful to God’s calling on their life. McLusky’s son  had only one child, but he also prayed. According to the website, he had torn leather on the toes of his shoes for spending so much time on his knees. I can imagine his knees were as tough as the camel’s. His  child, a son is still alive today… James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, heard daily by about 250  million people across the world. What a legacy his father and grandfather have left through their prayers for him.

John 14:13-14 – words of Jesus…

“Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it”


I had a wonderful visit from my friend Alison today. Inspirational! Thanks Alison!

Last night’s telethon went off with a few technical glitches on the way. The giving is slow. The totals not as high as I would like (and I’m used to at CCFm!), but times are hard and the audience is different. We’ll see what happens tonight. Wayne is coming through as well! It will be great to be onair with him again! I’ve got to get moving if I’m going to be on time.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude Pic…we had a good laugh….mug shots….criminal camel…

Camel mug shot Mugg shot twoLoL!


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My TV Debut!


I’m not much of a goal setter or trend setter! I once did have a 10 year plan and followed 5 years of it. But then, instead of going overseas to work and travel, I married my Mike (far better plan) and the rest is history!

In my teen years, I never had any aspirations to be on radio, so to have spent 20 years at a radio station has been a surprise. For the last 6 weeks,  I’ve been helping Cape Town’s only community television station with their fundraising telethon. Having been at at least 16 CCFm share-a-thon fundraisers, I know what is needed and have been very comfortable sharing my knowledge. Tina-Louise at Cape Town TV (CTV)  has been brilliant in getting everything done. CCFm listeners are fabulous in their giving. The Christian community at large understands the need to support one another and so they gave freely and generously. CTV is not faith-based, so fundraising for the station is a whole new ballgame. I relaxed in the knowledge that others would do the on-screen work. I would be the background admin co-ordinator, advising, checking, encouraging, applauding.

On Friday last week, Tina-Louise dropped the bombshell….just gently really. She said I would be introduced as the counter because I would be coming on and off set. That sounded do-able didn’t it? The viewers may see an arm appear (and that arm would be mine) as I handed pledges over the to the presenters.

Well it all turned out a bit differently to what I expected. After arriving at CTV yesterday, I was introduced to Ray, who is directing the Telethon. He sits in the control room and speaks into the ear pieces of all those on the set. Next thing I knew, I was going for make up….clever Bronwyn the makeup artist…

Make upAnd so I made my TV debut…

TV DebutThings were slow but it was fun! JP did a fabulous job…


Go to the CTV website to see how you can tune in and pledge. Also know that if you have aspirations to become a TV presenter. CTV is a great place to start. They have an Open Studio programme for beginners. They give them some training and mentor you. If you have an idea for a TV show, this is your opportunity.

We’ll see how tonight goes!

God’s journey with me has been gentle. I started off in radio doing a 15 minute health show and progressed through a  number of programmes until I was very comfortable behind the mic in any area. I never dreamed I’d be on radio, let alone ever make a TV appearance, no matter how small! Ha! You never know what God has in store for you!  God gives us a “promise of life that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 1:1). When you embrace the life He has for you, it is an abundant one. Later in 2 Timothy 1:7

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

When I respond with a spirit of timidity (which I often do), it is not the Spirit of God that is at work in me! We are all on a journey. God knows us very well. He knows what we are capable of and He knows what our weaknesses are. He is the Potter. We are the clay. Let’s just chill and allow Him to let rip His supernatural power in our lives.

Keep the smile going!

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx :-)

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude Pic….I came home last night exhausted! David had been and saved me his last piece of sushi…my favourite….how disciplined is that? He could quite easily had eaten it all and tossed the evidence…. :-D

Salmon Rose


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